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"I have used Fern in various roles to support my businesses of the past few years. Fern offers a mature, savvy management assistant that not only speak Australian but understands the way we do business. You can actually give her a "little detail" and she can still do "a lot of work" for you.

I particularly benefit from using her as my external PA and admin assistant because now all those things I used to think about getting done (but never did, 'cause I am too busy doing what love) she is completing so fast that I have to sort myself out to keep up with her. End result - business growing, my clients are better serviced and my life gets easier."
George Mavros, CEO at ETSI Consulting Pty Ltd. Business Coach and Adviser specialising in Sales, Marketing Business Development.
Jan 17, 2017

“The level of service at Your P. A. is fantastic. Having enlisted Fern's services on several occasions, I am consistently impressed by her professionalism and by her timely delivery. Thank you!”
Prof. Rae Weston

"Absolutely a wonderful PA, Fern is really part of the Success Women’s Network team. Her PA service and abilities are first class.
Super professional, no fuss, excellent and efficient worker. Our network is growing thanks to Fern we couldn’t ask for a better addition to our business. 
We would recommend Fern to any business who wants the best possible administration service that you can trust. Fern has turned our database around and helped give us a much stronger marketing position. We really know where we stand with our membership now.
We receive a very personal service from start to finish and would recommend her services without hesitation.Thanks Fern for all your hard work and we look forward to a big bright future with YOUR PA". 
Natalie Moutia
Success Women’s Network

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Your P. A. was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Rob Geoffrey, Smarter Barter

‘For a number of years, Fern has researched and written articles for my monthly newsletter. The industry in which I work is one that was outside Fern’s normal expertise but she still managed to source and produce outstanding content for the articles. The topics are always relevant and interesting and recipients tell me that they look forward to receiving the newsletter as they enjoy reading the articles. My newsletters not only help me to keep in touch with old and prospective clients, they also serve to position me as an expert in my field and Fern’s material definitely achieves that objective.  
Additionally, Fern is a pleasure to work with. Her competence and help been instrumental in helping me to grow my business over the last few years.’    

Linda Campbell Dip CHt, Master NLP, Master Results Coach     Clinical Member AHA  
Your Mind Mastery

A note of support regarding the abilities of Fern Rice.   ‘Fern has written an ACCESS database with approximately 500 parameters for my research on Prostate Cancer and Diet.  It is a complex set of information obtained from several other systems- the MIMS, ICD10, 24-hour Food Recalls, health histories and blood values.  I have found her both diligent and patient, as this study is an integration not only of but of several research fields.  I have tried to gain help from four others previously, but none had the concentration, interest or ability to follow through with me as we worked it out, together.   She has turned analysis into forms and reports that ease the numeric entry.  Drop-downs have also helped to manage repetitious lists.  I am excited to continue working on this project that forms the basis of my instead of worrying over just how it is all going to “knit together”.  I recommend Fern to you.  I am certain she will exceed your expectations and be willing and able to comprehend your needs and generate a clean solution based on your parameters. ‘  
Carol Gano,  Feb 2014

'I can summarise the talent of Fern in two words and four syllables ‘Wonder Woman’.   As the Managing Director of three soon to be four businesses I operate at a fast pace (Fern will attest to the plethora of 3:00 a.m. emails) I possess incredibly high standards and the need to be agile in business is key to the success of my organisations. Fern appreciates this along with my 'business with ethics policy' and the transparent nature in which I run my companies.    She is sometimes inundated with requests from me, she sifts them methodically in order to provide a good service. If she doesn't understand fully a request she will clarify before moving through a task. Again, a great quality and attribute.   Having Fern as my PA means that I can pass high importance tasks to her that I would only trust myself to do. Learning to delegate VIP client tasks has been easy knowing I have Fern. Working with Fern provides me with the flexibility of not having to have a PA and the associated costs, issues of confidentiality, trust etc.   In summary, it is a pleasure to work with Fern. I appreciate her proactive nature, attention to detail and ability to sift through the work swiftly on my behalf. She moves rapidly and appreciates that the nature of is evolving and that we need to be agile within organisations. She is capable, adaptable and forthright, just what a business needs. In every business needs a Fern.' 

Kind regards   Belinda Dolan MEd PgCertEdL&M FCMI AIMM Chartered Manager  PhD Candidate  
Managing Director Business Success Associates  and  Success Women's Network QLD and SA
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