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Your Homepage is YOUR shop window...

Your website homepage is the window to  your  shop or business. To get more business, it needs to tick all the right boxes, without being too overpowering.

  • How welcoming is your website homepage?
  • Does it grab attention immediately and draw them in?
  • What does it say to your prospective clients?
  • Is it easy to find the key information?
  • Does it lead your website visitor through to further information in a logical way?

You don’t have long to achieve a lot! People will make a decision – to stay, or to go – within seconds.
Let’s face it, with so much competition available at the click of a button, it’s easy to find someone else offering much the same as you - but making it so much easier to do business with them. 

So, have you reviewed your website recently - really looked at it through a stranger's eyes?

People have a tendency to see their own website so often that they don't really SEE what's there, they just kind of know it off by heart without really thinking about it after it is first set up. 

There are 3 main types of website homepage - well there’s probably more than that, but I think it’s possible to pretty much group them in to these 3 categories:

1. Nice to look at, but not offering what was expected. This is always the first one to attract attention. But when you get deeper in you discover that it’s not what you were expecting. Everything is perhaps a little over-the-top with a price tag to match, or just simply not there.

2. Heavy on information, but lacking personality and warmth. More often than not, this is the one that lets many small business owners down. In a bid to win over potential clients they cram as much information as possible on to the homepage, forgetting that people like to do business with people. Not faceless, cold, dull machines.

3. Not too pretty, not too dull – clear, informative and inviting. Just right. The design isn’t over the top. It’s not suggesting it’s about one thing, when it’s actually about something else. The key information is laid out easily. It’s inviting. There’s personality behind it so you get a feel for the type of business it is straight away. It guides you through in a way that you wantto stay and find out more.

So which type is yours?

Take a good look at your own website homepage right now before something else distracts you - and then rate it against the 5 important tips below:

1. Design: Is it clean, clear, compatible?

2. Copy: Is it concise, to the point and formatted?

3. Navigation: Are there links in place to help guide your visitors?

4. Contact: Are you easy to reach?

5. Proof: Where are your testimonials?

Does your homepage fall short anywhere? I know mine did when I tried this exercise!
So, if you would like to give your website a bit of a tickle up, have someone look through a fresh pair of eyes and 'see' what's REALLY there,  give Fern at Your P.A and More a call on 0421 556 700 or send an email to and we will be happy to help you out.

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