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Email Campaigns – The right way

Do you know why some people DON’T open your email newsletters?

Don't they like you, don't they find what you have to say interesting enough - are you just not engaging them quickly or well enough? And what can you do about it?

Consider this:  Send extra emails to the people who don’t open your emails. Wait a minute, that doesn't make sense - people who  DON’T open?  This is not just to be contrary but to find out which way the wind is blowing. Read on...

so, Firstly -

HOW does your email LOOK?

 Visually your email must appeal so ensure that you include the following:
  • Use a template to make the email more visually appealing and keep the width contained to less than 600 pixels. Anything over will most likely get cut off on subscribers’ screens.
  • Add friendly but professional text
  • Add Images to break up the text monotony and make the email less intimidating to look at and easier for your reader to skim - so they are more likely to read through it.
  • Make the links stand out so people know what to click on.
  • Include a photo to make the email from a real person.
  • Add social media buttons to get people to spread the word.
  • Deliver on any promises you made if your reader signed up to receive your emails (like free downloads).
  • Reiterate what subscribers will get out of your emails
  • Set expectations for future emails and how often you plan to send

WHY images, when what you have to say is far more important?

Over half of email readers turn on images in the emails they receive. Are you surprised?
on how image-heavy emails can outperform the alternatives with the right execution, should help you think twice about using plain text only as a design strategy.

You might have important information to impart but mix it up with relevant images.  


WHEN should you deliver your email campaign? 

For one of my clients I send an email newsletter on a Monday morning, then send the “unopens” the same email on a Wednesday evening and then the remaining “unopens” on a Saturday or Sunday morning - when they may have some extra time to sit down and read the email with a cup of coffee.

Another client likes to schedule their newsletter for 5am on a Monday – when entrepreneurs are likely to be up and ‘catching up’ before their week really begins. I believe that what time
you receive an email will affect what you do with it. I’m not alone in this belief and when you know your market and industry well you can make the most of their ‘peculiarities.  Think of what time you would be most likely to read an incoming email and work from there.

The Marketing Experiments blog also talks about timing  and how it all depends on your industry.

Sending To Specific Groups

Should you send the same email to every one of your contacts? Perhaps, perhaps not. It very much depends on what you are sending for. 

If it is a generic Christmas or holiday greeting – well why not, unless you have special offers or greetings for some people and not others. And if you want to start contacting one group more often than another, with different information, then you’ll need to separate them into different groups.
This is called segmenting or targeted marketing.

Most email campaign software will provide the ability to do this but do you know quite how to do it properly or to your best advantage? Do you really understand the importance of the right email delivered at the right interval?   

By perfecting what, when and how often you deliver your emails you can significantly increase your open and click rates on campaigns.

So now what...

Whatever you decide to do, if you just shrug and walk away, you’ve given up. Stay around and follow up. Sending a second email based on who opened and who didn’t can prompt a second wave of purchases.

This is called behavioral targeting: responding to subscribers’ behavior to get more response from the list and promotions you already have in place. It’s extremely effective, but just takes a bit more effort than 'setting and forgetting' the schedule to deliver your emails.

If you are struggling to find the time to make your emails look just right, carry the right message and to direct your emails to the right people at the right time, I am sure I can help. Just give me a call.

Fern on 0421 556 700

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