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Know who your best clients are NOW

A Database - Do you have one? Of course you do - but how is it managed?


Business is about relationships - are you getting the most from yours?

We can analyse, design, update and manage all types of databases including ACT!, SalesForce, Zoho, Capsule, Hubspot and Access and we are happy to learn any new software required to assist in your business. We love to help you grow through a great database. And when you come to sell your business a great database will increase your sale price exponentially.

Of course you do, but how is it organised, accessed and used to the best effect for YOUR business? 


If you have contacts in your email or traditional address book, your business card holder, your referral group, spreadsheets, Linked in and Facebook, then you have a Database!




But are you getting the most out of it?   Is there duplication, are there holes to be plugged, have you got out of sync and out of date copies of the same documents, do you know from which people the dollars come and where you could be getting more?

You already know your top tier clients but let’s identify and bring the others up to the same level.  With this knowledge and a more targeted effort 2nd and 3rd tiers might even surpass them. 


We can identify where you could expand your marketing or analytical knowledge. We can look at your collections of data and contacts and make them work for you.  We can help you identify and manage these clients and leads in an efficient and structured way. We can set it up so you can do it yourself going forward or we can manage it for you.


We all know that databases and e-marketing are a far more efficient way of keeping in front of your existing clients and generating new business opportunities, but how do you do it without sacrificing time on the job – billable time.  


Your business, your choice, but make it soon.  


Analysis, Design, Implementation, Import and Day to Day management.

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