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Find what works for YOUR business

Rates for our services depend very much on what your requirements are, how many hours you need,

how often and whether the services are to be ongoing. 

For this reason, we have packages, which make your life and budgeting so much easier.


If you aren't sure exactly what you'd need until further investigation, do call and we'll see what we

can come up with for you.  

Starter pack

Know you need help but not sure how much? The Starter Pack will get you going and let you see where and when you need help and if you like working with us. This is the pack for you. 

Long Term Pack

Know you need ongoing assistance but not sure when you'll need it. The 20 hour pack is for you. We will invoice for a further pack when there are 5 more hours to go. 

(Note, to be used within 3 months)

Weekly 10 hours or more

Know you need at least 10 hours but maybe more? This is the package for you. 10 hours paid weekly by Direct payment and any additional time invoiced at end of month. 

Casual Rate

Not ready to commit to regular hours or a package of hours? Just have a project that needs some work? Then our ‘Casual’ Rate is for you.

Plans & Pricing: Plans & Pricing
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