Frequently Asked Questions

What IS a Virtual Assistant ?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an experienced professional who works from their own home or office, using online technology to connect with clients anywhere and to provide them with administrative or other assistance. They are business owners who assist YOU to manage and grow your business better and charge you accordingly. They take care of their own equipment, stationary, office furniture, insurance and superannuation costs, so you don't have to.

How can a Virtual Assistant help me and MY business?

If it can be done online or with a phone, then it can be done 'virtually'. Your Virtual Assistant (VA) works on tasks that take your time and energy away from your business, which you don't enjoy or find difficult or that you just don't want to do! Depending on the VA you engage, this might include Businses administration, Bookkeeping, Website management, Social media management Database management Customer contact and service Invoicing and Debt Collection Research and more...

When would I use a Virtual Assistant?

Your usual administrator may be going on extended leave or your business might have grown, but not quite enough to engage a fulltime staff member. Or you might not want to commit to all the additional costs associated with a full time or partime staff member - office space, equipment, holiday pay, tax, super, insurance etc. Your VA will have all of that taken care of because she's running her own business and will charge you an hourly or package rate for her services.

Do I have to pay for holiday and sick days when using a Virtual Assistant ?

You outsource work to your VA - she is an independent contractor. So she takes care of her own expenses and you pay her the agreed rate for her time and services.

What hours does a Virtual Assistant work ?

When you enter into an outsourcing agreement with your VA she will discuss your requirements with you. You may need someone for a fixed number of hours a week, on particular days during certain hours or you might just need an agreed number of hours - and you don't mind when they are done. It depends on the work you want done. It is usual to discuss your requirements before the VA starts so she can determine whether she can so the work you need during the hours you need it done. If not she will usually be able to refer you to another VA who can.

How do we work together and share information about my business ?

Depending on your requirements a system and process will be set up for you as a client before your VA commences work. * Your requirements will be discussed and appropriate tasks and time lines identified. * You will be added to the TEAMWORK project management software so your tasks can be allocated and completed in a timely manner. * Cloud based file sharing arrangements will be set up so that you and your VA can access the necessary documents as she works on your tasks. * Zoom or Skype meetings can be booked in regularly or on request and SMS and phone contact is also available.

How do I contact my Virtual Assistant if I want to ask a question ?

Your VA will allocate time to work on your tasks. If you wish to contact her you may SMS or email a request for her to call you and she will do so within a reasonable time frame so as not to interrupt her workflow. Remember, you are not the only client that your VA will have, and she may be doing work which cannot be interrupted for another person. It is only polite to request a return call.

Frequently asked questions

What IS a Virtual Assistant ?

A Virtual Assistant or VA is an independent professional working from their own home or office using online technology to connect with clients anywhere, to provide administrative, business development and personal services, as agreed with the client.

When would I use a Virtual Assistant ?

Your regular staff member might be going on leave so that you need help for a fixed period of time. Or your business may have grown so you need additional support but are not ready to engage a full or part time staff member, with the accompanying costs. A VA is a great temporary or interim solution - and may become the way you wish to continue.

How do I work with a Virtual Assistant ?

Once you and your VA have agreed on the tasks that are to be outsourced she will set up processes and systems to ensure you know what work is being done, how long it takes and how to share documents and arrange meetings. We use either Dropbox and a folder exclusively for your business or whatever Cloud storage and file sharing you currently use . Don't know what this means - don't worry, we can set it all up for you and show you how it works. Your VA will work away at whatever has been assigned and deliver to you within the agreed timeframe.

How do I contact my Virtual Assistant.

We use Zoom and Skype for video meetings or telephone. If you need to reach your VA quickly and at an unscheduled time, you can SMS and ask for her to contact you. Weekly, Monthly or ad hoc meetings can be scheduled if you wish, so that you can update your VA with new or revised tasks. Otherwise she will keep working in the background on the assigned tasks, until completed. Remember, you are not the only client she will be working for so it is only polite to get her to ring you when she has finished the task she's working on.

What hours does a Virtual Assistant work ?

Most VA's will work normal office hours and your tasks will be scheduled into the day. Unless your tasks require action during particular hours of the day or night your VA will work them into her routine and you will not need to worry when they are done - just that they will be. If you do have out of hours requirements please discuss with your VA when engaging her, so that she can work accordingly. If she is unable to do this for whatever reason she will refer your work to another VA who can do those hours.

How can I benefit from outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant?

You may be swamped with administrative tasks which take you away from building your business. You might not enjoy, be best at or want to do certain jobs. Why not engage a VA to take those tasks off your hands so that you can focus on building your business, making sales - billable tasks. You can be sure that your time is better spent on billable than administrative tasks.

How can I be sure about confidentiality ?

Your PA and More has a confidentiality clause as part of your onboarding contract or we are most happy to sign a confidentiality agreement that you provide. We believe our clients should feel confident that their documents and business information is confidential and secure with our VAs.

Can you manage my emails for me ? How?

If you want us to manage your email inbox for you it is easy! We set up a copy of your email account on our desktop and manage it from there. Or, if you're already in the 'Cloud' (gmail, microsoft, icloud etc) we can log on throughout the day to action your inbox. And the same goes for your calendar.

What are my payment options ?

10 and 20 hour packages and hourly rates are available, depending on your requirements. Call us to discuss what will work best for your business. Payment can be made via direct debit into the Your PA and More bank account, after invoicing. Terms are on demand as payment is in advance when purchasing a pre-paid package. Credit card payment can be accepted if necessary but an additional $0.30c plus 1.79% fo the invoice total will be added. We are charged card processing fees by the bank and unfortunately we must pass them on