Frequently Asked Questions

What IS a Virtual Assistant ?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an experienced professional who works from their own home or office, using online technology to connect with clients anywhere and to provide them with administrative or other assistance. They are business owners who assist YOU to manage and grow your business better and charge you accordingly. They take care of their own equipment, stationary, office furniture, insurance and superannuation costs, so you don't have to.

How can a Virtual Assistant help me and MY business?

If it can be done online or with a phone, then it can be done 'virtually'. Your Virtual Assistant (VA) works on tasks that take your time and energy away from your business, which you don't enjoy or find difficult or that you just don't want to do! Depending on the VA you engage, this might include Businses administration, Bookkeeping, Website management, Social media management Database management Customer contact and service Invoicing and Debt Collection Research and more...

When would I use a Virtual Assistant?

Your usual administrator may be going on extended leave or your business might have grown, but not quite enough to engage a fulltime staff member. Or you might not want to commit to all the additional costs associated with a full time or partime staff member - office space, equipment, holiday pay, tax, super, insurance etc. Your VA will have all of that taken care of because she's running her own business and will charge you an hourly or package rate for her services.

Do I have to pay for holiday and sick days when using a Virtual Assistant ?

You outsource work to your VA - she is an independent contractor. So she takes care of her own expenses and you pay her the agreed rate for her time and services.

What hours does a Virtual Assistant work ?

When you enter into an outsourcing agreement with your VA she will discuss your requirements with you. You may need someone for a fixed number of hours a week, on particular days during certain hours or you might just need an agreed number of hours - and you don't mind when they are done. It depends on the work you want done. It is usual to discuss your requirements before the VA starts so she can determine whether she can so the work you need during the hours you need it done. If not she will usually be able to refer you to another VA who can.

How do we work together and share information about my business ?

Depending on your requirements a system and process will be set up for you as a client before your VA commences work. * Your requirements will be discussed and appropriate tasks and time lines identified. * You will be added to the TEAMWORK project management software so your tasks can be allocated and completed in a timely manner. * Cloud based file sharing arrangements will be set up so that you and your VA can access the necessary documents as she works on your tasks. * Zoom or Skype meetings can be booked in regularly or on request and SMS and phone contact is also available.

How do I contact my Virtual Assistant if I want to ask a question ?

Your VA will allocate time to work on your tasks. If you wish to contact her you may SMS or email a request for her to call you and she will do so within a reasonable time frame so as not to interrupt her workflow. Remember, you are not the only client that your VA will have, and she may be doing work which cannot be interrupted for another person. It is only polite to request a return call.

Frequently asked questions

Quem pode fazer os cursos?

Todos! Nossos cursos visam à democratização da educação e da ciência. Sendo assim, todos são bem vindos!

Sou estudante acadêmico: estes cursos servem para mim?

Sim! Estes cursos são muito recomendados para quem é das áreas: - Biologia - Veterinária - Engenharia ambiental - Oceanografia - Qualquer outra área conectada à ambiental Além disso, você poderá usar os certificados para comprovar horas complementares e também como provar sua capacitação na área.

Sou estudante do Ensino Médio: estes cursos são recomendados para mim?

Sim! Nossos cursos visam a democratização das ciências marinhas!Alunos do ensino médio são muito bem vindos! Aqui você terá acesso ao conteúdos similares aos dos cursos de Graduação em Biologia. Os conteúdos aqui abordados também são muito frequentes em provas do Enem e em vestibulares.

Quanto tempo duram os cursos?

A carga horária total é de 12h. Ao final você receberá seu certificado pela própria plataforma. Você pode fazer no seu tempo, sem pressa! Seu acesso tem a validade de 1 ano a partir da compra.

Sou estudante de outra área: estes cursos servem para mim?

Sim! Nossos cursos visam a democratização das ciências marinhas! Estes cursos são muito recomendados para qualquer pessoa que tenha interesse na área ambiental marinha.

Estes cursos possuem certificados válidos?

Sim! Os cursos oferecem um certificado de conclusão de 12h, emitido automaticamente pela própria plataforma EaD, assinado pelo Prof. Dr. Douglas Peiró, Diretor Geral do Instituto de Biologia Marinha Bióicos. Além disso, você poderá usar os certificados para comprovar horas complementares e também como provar sua capacitação na área.


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