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So, What's in it for YOU?

When you engage Your PA and More you will get so much more than just a virtual PA. You will have 

  • A professional, skilled, reliable business administration service, taking the weight off your shoulders 

  • A proactive, experienced business owner who can look at your business with fresh eyes when you need them.

  • A range of different services and packages tailored to suit your business needs

  • An affordable outsourced business service which is so much more cost effective than hiring an in-house employee

You'll find it easy to work with Your PA...

We understand that it can take time to build trust when outsourcing aspects of YOUR business to an external party.


It's difficult for most business owners to let go of control and to know that what they need is happening in the background without their supervision. We ensure that all our clients are comfortable with our procedures, how long we are spending on each task and how we are keeping track of it.

All virtual relationships take a while to iron out the creases and to learn to how the different personalities work together but it is worth the effort in the long run. Remember, a virtual assistant knows how to run a business - they have one!  They know about confidentiality, time management, customer satisfaction and good communication.

We will guide you through the process of building a Virtual relationship and put processes into place to make you at ease - and the work appear to be seamless.

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