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Your P. A. and More can give you time to grow and manage your business, by freeing you up from

some of those time consuming admin and business development tasks - and more.

It’s like having an office full of staff, but you don’t have to provide office space or facilities, just guidance

- and we take care of the rest for you via email, the cloud and phone.


We are pro-active and can offer a fresh pair of eyes when you need that extra bit of insight.

You work on your business growth and deal with your clients and we will handle much of the rest.

And if you’d like us to help you keep in touch with your clients in a friendly and timely manner,  we can do that too.


The list below gives a brief overview of some of the services we provide. Of course, this is not everything  –

we don’t have space to list all that we can do for you. Use this information as a guide and then get in touch

to see how we can start shaping your business and saving YOU time today.

Office with a View
White File Folders
Checking Text on a Document


Do you find yourself getting stuck writing documents, letters and proposals? Struggle with grammar, punctuation and spelling? Need someone to edit your work?

Do you frequently run out of time doing admin tasks, ? Almost any task with which you need assistance for the smooth running of your business, can be done virtually by Your P.A and More


A Client Database - Do you have one? It is one of the most important assets in your business. We have implemented many types of database and helped our clients manage their leads and client contacts effectively so they know which customers are earning them the most, which leads are the hottest and never miss a follow up again.

Learn more.


Running an efficient business takes a lot of time and effort, and our VAs are here to help. We’ll make sure your business procedures are in place for compliance - and keep them updated as you grow.  Need contracts typed, Grants or Awards submitted? No worries, we've helped our clients win awards and grant applications that they just didn't have the time to do well themselves.

Laptop Writing
On the Phone
Tidy Desk


By assigning your email management, meeting and calendar management and travel arrangements to Your PA you will free up hours of your time for the business of running your business. Need personal assistance, no worries, we have handled all sorts of bookings and appointments with confidentiality.


Running an efficient business takes a lot of time and effort, and Your PA and More is here to help. From taking customer calls to answering online inquiries, we’ll make sure your customers get the professional support and attention they deserve. In fact, we treat your customers like our own.


Achieving brand recognition and finding new clients through marketing takes hard work, but we are ready to help. From researching and writing blog articles to helping increase your conversion rates, contact us and let us know how we can help. We have run monthly e-newsletters, written blogs, and built campaigns for many businesses.

Your problem Your PA 3.JPG


A website is a living thing and must be updated and added to regularly for the ever changing search engines to find them. Make sure you are keeping your website alive with help from Your PA and More. We don't do advanced coding but can update content and blog posts on most platforms.


Running an efficient business takes a lot of time and effort, and we are here to help. While you are out doing the work we can invoice your customers and follow up overdue payments in a professional and friendly manner. Make sure YOU get paid for your work.


Do you find yourself getting stuck, going round in circles trying to get to those essential tasks, day in and day out?

Enter Your PA and More. If you aren't sure if we do it, just ask. If we can't we almost certainly know a professional who can!

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